Robert P. George: The Failure of Trump and Clinton on the Basis of Character is Tragic

Editor’s Note: The following essay was adapted from an interview with Robert P. George conducted in October 2016. It has been modified for clarity.

Character is very important, but it creates a dilemma from which I do not have a good method to propose our escaping in 2016, and that is that the two candidates holding the nominations of the major parties are both people of poor character.

They both fail — and fail badly — all three tests of character: They are dishonest, they are unfaithful, and they have no love of justice. And as far as I can see, they have very little understanding of the republican idea of justice, or the distinctively just nature of republican government, in which the conditions are in place for republican government to flourish.

The failure of both candidates on all three tests is absolutely tragic.

Featured Image Source: (Michael Vadon and Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

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